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Need an extra note?

You can access extra notes below to download and print. We will endeavour to put our notes online on the same day they go home. If you are unable to find a note, please notify the office and it will be put online as soon as possible.

Notes Distributed

KR Term 4 Organisation

Stage 3 Dance Fever

Musica Viva Permission Note


Notes from the Office

Bell Times (pdf 185 KB)

Authority to Publish 2018 (pdf 1161 KB)

Statement of Account 56A (pdf 174 KB)

Statement of Account Stage3 (pdf 173 KB)

Statement of Account Stage2 (pdf 172 KB)

Statement of Account Stage1 (pdf 177 KB)

Statement of Account Kinder (pdf 651 KB)

Scripture classes 2018 (pdf 188 KB)

Change of Family Details (pdf 245 KB)

New Payment procedures (pdf 136 KB)

Newsletter Subscription (pdf 444 KB)

Application Extended Leave (pdf 1453 KB)

Ethics classes 2018 (pdf 69 KB)

School Term Dates for 2018 (pdf 53 KB) 



Uniform Shop Price List (pdf 145 KB)


School Banking (pdf 4666 KB)

Outside Suppliers

OSHC Before & After School Care

School Locker School Uniform